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« 2018 Olympic Winter Games Snowboarding, Bobsled, Alpine Skiing, Figure Skating from PyeongChang, South Korea (New) America's Bradie Tennell, who won the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, 2010 Olympian Mirai Nagasu and 18-year-old Karen Chen, skate ladies short program.
2018 Olympic Winter Games Athletes compete in 102 events, seeking a superior performance in order to win a coveted gold medal; South Korea hosts the Winter Games for the first time.
2018 Olympic Winter Games Freestyle Skiing, Short Track from PyeongChang, South Korea (New) France swept freestyle ski cross at Sochi; South Korea's speed skating team continues its quest for a sixth Olympic gold in the women's 3000m relay.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner Fearing the Worst (HD, TV-PG) The body of an elderly woman is found, apparently after dying in her sleep, but her family believes that she may have committed suicide.
Drugs Inc. Underworld, Inc: Grand Theft Auto (HD, TV-14) Each episode examines an illegal drug in detail, following its supply chain, demonstrating its effects on brain chemistry, and explaining its appeal.
Most Shocking Busted in the Buff 2 (TV-14) A naked man who claims to have a car full of explosives threatens police officers; a man bares his backside to a clerk to distract him during a beer heist.

Tarde lo conocí
Tengo talento, mucho talento (Repeat) Concurso para mostrar el talento en la música, el ilusionismo, la acrobacia y el ganador se convertirá en un latino famoso y ganará 100 mil dólares.
Noches con Platanito Grupo Rebeldía de Culiacán (HD, New) Revista entretenida presentada por Sergio Verduzo, el payaso para adultos en la que se presentan entrevistas, concursos y un segmento dedicado al humor.

Swamp Loggers Truck Wars (HD, TV-PG) When the crew has trouble meeting their expected haul on the Hilburn tract, their situation becomes even more complicated by a truck shortage.
Flying Wild: Alaska Tomorrow Island (HD, TV-PG) Pilots are pushed to their limits when they have to land on a dangerous runway with a load of vaccines; Ariel proves she still has much to learn while flying.
Most Daring Wild & Out of Control (TV-14) A hydro boat has an accident on a river; a driver puts a group of people in danger; an extreme skateboarder has an unfortunate crash landing.

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