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« The Wall Matt and Nick (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) By correctly answering a series of questions, two contestants are given the opportunity to work together to win more than $12 million or risk losing it all.
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Zoey's Extraordinary Glitch (HD, New, TV-14) Zoey experiences a malfunction with her abilities after she receives some distressing news.
Good Girls Vegas, Baby (HD, New, TV-14) The ladies turn to an unlikely ally to help Max get revenge, but when their plan fails, Ruby's life is put at risk; Annie tries to find her purpose in life.
KGW News at 11 (HD)

« Fatal Encounters Murder on Music Row (HD, TV-14) While studying music business at Belmont College, a young man is recruited to intern at CashBox magazine, but he later vows to end the industry corruption.
Bizarre Murders Who Done It (Repeat) After a dead body is discovered near a church, law enforcement authorities open a new murder investigation to find the guilty culprit.
Bizarre Murders Counterpunch (Repeat) Specific details are shared about how a woman who was an intended murder victim managed to kill the hitman who was hired to kill her.
Bizarre Murders Smoking Bun (Repeat) Law enforcement authorities solve a murder case when a footprint discovered on a hotdog bun is matched with the killer's footprint.
Bizarre Murders Dying for Love (Repeat) A husband poisons his wife, who is a nonsmoker, with a lethal dose of nicotine so that he can obtain the money from his wife's insurance policy.
Nurses Who Kill Pedley (Repeat) After being greatly impacted by a fire experienced during her childhood, a woman grows up to become a pyromaniac who was found guilty of murder.

« Nature's Deadliest (HD, TV-PG) Cameras provide an in-depth look at the killing techniques of Africa's deadliest animals, from a toxic spider's lethal bite to a massive, plant-eating killer.
When Snakes Bite (HD, TV-PG) Fearless researchers, naturalists and adventurers undertake a quest to try to understand the social, medical and religious roles of snakes.
Appalachian Outlaws Root Awakening (HD, TV-PG) Tony has a 2,000-lb. order; poachers steal a farm's ginseng; two illegally harvest federal lands; hunters with dogs chase Obie; Corby declares war on Tony.
Appalachian Outlaws Eye for an Eye (HD, TV-PG) Ross seeks the poachers who stole his ginseng; Shook's truck is towed, so he plans to steal it back; hunters trap Obie in a cave; the Simpsons are robbed.
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