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« The Ellen DeGeneres Show (New, TV-G) Jennifer Garner of "Once Upon a Farm Oraganics" and "Save the Children"; The Killers perform "Caution"; La'Shay and Cameron Crayton talk about having a baby.
KGW News at 4 (HD, New)
KGW News at 5 (New)
NBC Nightly News Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
News at 6: The Story with Dan Haggerty The Story with Dan Haggerty is an authentic, engaging and different approach to the evening news.

« Dr. G: Medical Examiner A Deadly Deal (HD, TV-PG) Shortly after arriving in the United States, a foreign traveler curiously dies, and with no medical history to work with, Dr. G must determine what killed him.
Secrets of the Morgue Pastor Predator (HD, TV-14) When a parishioner is found dead in a rural Pennsylvania church with a gunshot to the head, the medical examiner tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Murder She Solved Never a Doubt (TV-14) A woman questions the results of a criminal investigation and launches her own examination after her husband is accused of murdering her mother.
The Last 24 Real Pet Cemetery (HD, TV-14) When the body of the owner of a Louisiana pet cemetery is found in the Mississippi River, detectives wait over 20-years until a suspect confesses to the murder.

« Ax Men Man vs. Mountain (HD, TV-14) Four logging companies in the Pacific Northwest risk the lives of their brave workers in order to retrieve usable lumber from hard-to-reach places.
Ice Road Truckers Ready to Roll (HD, TV-PG) Road construction crews start work on a 350-mile highway made of ice; truck drivers from across North America journey to Yellowknife, Canada.
Shipping Wars Wheels of Misfortune (HD, TV-PG) Jarrett's skills are tested when he must transport a very large carriage; Jennifer must hire an assistant to help her load a carnival ride onto her trailer.
Shipping Wars Wings, A Prayer, and a Know-It-All (HD, TV-PG) Chris and Robbie haul a vintage DC-7 airplane; Roy helps a community in Bastrop, Texas, rebuild their homes after the devastating fires.
Shipping Wars Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (HD, TV-PG) Jennifer transports a wedding cake, and picks up an arcade game on the way; Marc gets to ship a large vintage bus and runs into trouble with the DOT.
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